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My Birthday Gift πŸŽ‚

My Birthday Gift πŸŽ‚

I came to a revelation during these past quiet months. I realized that I want Catalyst to become my journal - different experiences, points of view, recommendations and obviously fashion! 

So I decided to share my birthday experience this year, which was completely different from any other year!

Recently, I had a conversation with a co-worker where she mentioned the awesomeness of spending your birthday on a sacred and powerful place. Birthdays are very special days, since there is nothing random about the day and time you arrived to this earth. A highly charged place, encourages you to see the highest image of yourself, and realign and center for the upcoming year.

This year, without planning it much, I spent my birthday at the High Atlas of Morocco, on my way to the Sahara Desert.

How incredible does that sound? I did not appreciate it until I was there and now even more writing about it!

On the road trip, we visited ladies that make Argan Oil (see benefits here)

We drove through the Oasis of Skora and finally stayed at the Valley of Dades - check out the hotel!

That night, I had the most wonderful surprise, my husband send me flowers to the middle of Morocco for my birthday! The tour awesome guide also gifted me a cake and we sang happy birthday under the stars :) Incredible and unique experience I recommend to anyone!

Have you ever spent a birthday out of the ordinary? Any cool/powerful places?

Moroccan Vibes

Moroccan Vibes