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Happy New Year!!🍾

Another year has gone by... Time to start writing our blank chapter... 2018!

For me, it was difficult to say good bye to 2017, what an amazing year it was!! I'm very grateful for all I learned about me and all the many experiences (good and bad) that have taken me into a different and new chapter of my life, as an individual, a wife, a friend, a sister... 

This time I had a different approach and did not write any resolutions, but rather I wrote more broad goals. I have decided to write down things I want to accomplish, rather than just things I wish I would do in a perfect world. I feel that when it comes to the resolutions we tend to write things to set ourselves to failure... It has happened to me one too many times, and at the end of the year I feel discouraged and not believing in myself.

Making resolutions is a process where you have to be honest with yourself! Why write down "I will go to the gym three times a week", when deep down you know you will probably not do it. Instead, write that you would like to be more active, you can even say "at least 4 hours of physical activity a month", which you can spread according to your calendar and leave the guilt behind that is created by not accomplishing your goals! It is all about how we communicate to the universe to manifest and accomplish what we want!

That doesn't mean not to commit to your goals - You should push yourself! Do that thing you've been wanting to do! 

Here are some of my goals for 2018 I'd like to share with you:

  • Be more conscious about my well-being - mentally, emotionally, physically.
  • Enjoy the present moment and purposely bringing myself to a good state - regardless of the situation.
  • Be vulnerable and share my feelings in a responsible way.
  • Be more assertive.
  • Work on a creative project (you'll find out soon :) ).
  • And write more posts!

You can also do rituals to make the resolution process more fun! I was listening to the Unstyled podcast from Refinery 29 where Chloe x Halle shared that they create a vision board every new years eve along with their family to set intentions and have a clear vision of what they want for the new year! What a great idea!!

This year I used gold paper in a ritual to bring fortune and abundance to this 2018!

Stay tuned - I will be writing about my Euro Trip which ended 2017 and started 2018 on a great note! :)


PD: if you are wondering about my dress... it's a sustainable brand from Miami called CarolinaK Universe and here is the link :)

Also, I have updated a link on "My Birthday Gift" about the benefits of Argan Oil.

Until next post...

What lights the spark ✨

What lights the spark ✨