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Let's get catalyzed

Let's get catalyzed

Hi, anyone out there?

I'm Jessica! 

To give you a little bit of background, I'm a fashion lover, culture lover and sustainability lover all in a 5'4'', 140 lbs, 27 year-old woman who is a wife, daughter, sister, friend, an accountant, and someone who is also looking to have an impact in the world. Cliche right? Now, you may ask, how?

Well that is how Catalyst Inspired became an idea (still in progress). It all started when I watched the fashion documentary "The True Cost" - available in Netflix. You see, I'm not a documentary type of person but this one caught my eye since the subject is fashion - fast fashion to be precise. In my 27 years on this planet, I never thought about the impact my t-shirts, dresses, shoes, especially my shoes, can have on mother earth - Have you ever thought about it?! It's incredible! All the waste we produce, and all the damage we are doing by not being conscious about the (even the smallest) decision we make every day, especially with what we choose to cover our largest organ - aka skin. 

But ok, let's leave guilt on the side. After watching this documentary, I traveled to Colombia with my husband to visit friends and family, and that is where it really took off. In every corner, I met a local, artisan designer/artists which captured all of the things I've been looking for: authenticity, cultural awareness, sustainability, design, textures, uniqueness, individuality. Ohhhh... I get excited just by remembering! 

And there it was, the idea of being a catalyst in the fashion industry to bring designers/artists and day dreamers, eco-friendly, sustainable, soul seeking, conscious beings (people like you and I) together for the betterment of the world and the fashion industry!

With this blog, I will be posting a variety of topics, from cool brands to styling tips to sustainability and cultural facts and more. 

So I invite you to keep in touch and get catalyzed! Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to get notifications!


Jess O.

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