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Moroccan Vibes

Moroccan Vibes

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi, Hello!

I want to share with you the amazing experience I had for my birthday (in several post, so much to say, so little space)!

I went to Morocco! Sahara Desert, to be exact! and OMG it was a rollercoaster of emotions. From flying, to doing this trip by myself, to the crazy amounts of work I had before I left - it was up and down, up and down! But totally worth it!

I few months back, my desire to go to Morocco started, I saw all these colors and beautiful pictures from bloggers going to Marrakesh and the desert, it all seamed so cool! Also, it is a place with a lot of history and culture which it's the best combination to get inspired #catalystinspired

Since I knew I was going to a Muslim country, my choice of clothing was made to respect their culture and religion, so no mini skirts, shorts or tank tops! The skirts I wore, were below the knee, the pants were loose, and the tops were long sleeves, which is kind of my style anyways :) plus you get to add a scarf to every outfit! I found this great list of What to Pack for Morocco on Pinterest!

Day 1 - I arrived to Marrakesh and our tour guide and driver, Hasan from Desert Escapades, took me to Riad Zayane, which is a traditional moroccan house with an interior garden, located in the Medina, the old part of the city with maze-like streets. It was a great location since you are only a few blocks from the main square and souks! The riad was very clean, the staff was very helpful, and the architecture is beautiful and traditional! 

I waited a couple of hours for my friends to arrive and explore the city :) 

Since it was getting dark, we went to the main square to get dinner and came back to prepare for the next adventure - AKA my bday (see next post)!



Riad Zayane
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